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Our Youth Continue To Shine

The following Young Marines were promoted to the specified ranks in the promotion formation on 13 Feb 2016:

Cole Cowsert – YM Gunnery Sergeant Morgan James - YM Corporal Christian Brothers – YM Lance Corporal Ozziel Camargo - YM Lance Corporal

Our youth continue to demonstrate that they possess courage, strength, and ability to grow. The group to be offered NCO training was also chosen. There will be many opportunities for our group to grow and to learn the leadership skills they need to advance, not only here, but in the field they choose when they graduate the program.

I have seen great changes in attitude as well as demonstration of leadership capability from several of our youth that have been in the program for a year or more. I am seeing a lot of potential in our new recruits.

The leadership of this unit and the current batch of NCOs are some of the finest people with whom I have worked and I am doing my best to add the Chaplain's perspective in a way that assists the leadership with their goals.

Together, we will continue to work to bring out the best qualities in our youth. One of the definitions of teaching is "to bring forth from within." As we work toward our goals and expand the unit, our goal is to bring forth the skill, strength, courage, and leadership that is already within each of your kids.

Semper Fidelis!

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