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While all eyes were on Houston, the Capital Area Young Marines of Austin traveled to Rockport, Texas, a small community that was ground zero for Harvey. Amidst the destruction and in oppressive heat and humidity, these young men and women quietly set about clearing debris and shoring up homes.

But by no means were they the exception. While there, I witnessed hundreds of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. From folks offering free food for volunteers and residents (including pet food for those with fur babies), tents set up in parking lots offering free hot meals to all in need, to the two gentlemen who drove all the way in from El Paso to help because "it didn't feel right to sit home and do nothing". Roughly 700 miles, about a 10 hour drive.

Because doing the right thing is not about doing the easy thing. This is the lesson I hope my son and his fellow Young Marines take from this experience.

"American by birth, Texan by the grace of God" is not just a phrase to us Texans, it is something we believe, that we are truly blessed. And from what I saw in the tiny community of Rockport this weekend, it's damn hard to argue. I could not be prouder of my fellow Americans, Texans or Young Marines.

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