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Mr. Bateman's Holiday Message:

Happy Holidays Young Marines! As I make the transition from being your acting chaplain to being acting adjutant, it is still my intent to keep up with the information exchanges, blog posts, and periodic messages.

This past year has seen several new recruits through a boot camp, an advance in rank for many, and several fun activities that gained us experience and commnity service hours. Our youth have stepped up to every challenge, overcome many obstacles, and begun developing their strengths as future leaders. We are proud of the fine crop of Young Marines and we look forward to watching you shine!

This new year will bring several changes. One of them being my new official position. We had hoped for a transition in unit leadership a little sooner, but there were a few unforseen events that precluded a smooth transition.

On that note, I know I speak for all of the unit leadership when we extend our best wishes to all of those who are experiencing health related issues. We hope the new year brings you strength and brings you back into active particiation in our unit activities.

Our fundraising staff is soliciting ideas from you the parents, volunteers, and youth of Capital area Young Marines. Send any ideas to We would like to collect your ideas and put together a list of potential activities for the coming year.

Also, all youth who are interested will be learning to be a part of our Color Guard, please let us know of your level of interest. We would like to develop a Color Guard Squad, with a trained group of 12 (and as many alternates as possible) so that we can start doing more events.

As we move into the next year, we are planning to increase our community relations and recruiting activities. We are also working on several major campouts. I am personally overseeing the development of a list of volunteer opportunities and community outreach events to be approved by command staff. Again, all ideas are welcome and can be sent to

We hope this holiday season finds you healthy, happy, and ready for new adventure.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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